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If you know that your tyres are looking a little worn then it is very important that you get them sorted as soon as you possibly can. Of course, worn out tyres can be the result of just about anything, whether your steering is misaligned or whether the tyres you have just aren’t working as well as they should, so it is important to find out what is causing the problem before you go ahead and work on the repair. We can help you with that and we always make sure that we are the best at what we do as well so when you hire our company, you know you won’t find anyone else better. Of course, when you do bring your car into us, you should note that we only use tyres that have been purchased from trusted manufacturers and we are always making sure that our customers are happy with the job that they have been given. We stock most of the common sized budget tyres which start from just £35.

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If you would like some spare tyres then that isn’t a problem for us at all and we would be happy to perform as many tyre changes as you need so if you have a fleet of vehicles or if you need some help in making sure that your company vehicles are maintained to the highest standard then you know we can help you with that as well.

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